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We restore and maintenance the oil paintings, Japanese paintings and prints to hand down the works of art to the next generation.
We cooperate with specialized agencies and a related organization. And restore and maintenance the works of art of museum, gallery or home.
The preservation restoration starts from the accurate grasp of the condition of the work.
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Oil Painting of Mt.Fuji (Before Restration)
Oil Painting of Mt.Fuji (After Restration)
We restore the Japanese antique with Makie (Japanese lacquer-work).
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"Sageju" (Picnic Set of Edo Period)
Sweets box
We produce homepage of art, like museum, gallery and artist, from plan to management.
Also, we translate English to Japanese or Japanese to English.
Please feel free to inquire.
Japanese Homepage of Redonnée
Translated English and French to Japanese
Also, we produce handbill, post card, name card, CD and pamphlet to promote your exhibition.
Please feel free to consult.
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