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Edge, itself instead of inside or outside
Carlo Rovelli said "Time does not exist".("The Order of Time" - Japanese translation version, NHK Publishing, Inc., 2019.) There is "uncertainty" in the discovery of quantum gravity. "For example, no one predict accurately where an electron will appear tomorrow." "In terminology of physics, this is said to be in a "superposition" state." "Spacetime is a physical subject same like an electron. And also is sways. Moreover, it can be in a "superposition" state." "Therefore, the classifications of present, past and future is swaying and became uncertain." (p.89-90)
"What is "present"? What is "existing"? The answer is "These questions are wrong." These questions mean everything and also nothing. Because the word "present" is ambiguous and have many meanings." (p.110) The classifications of present, past and future "are valid only in "here" right next to us now." (p.111) "There are changes in this world, and the relationships between events have a temporal structure, and those events are not illusion. Events do not occur in the holistic order, but in complex ways in a corner of the world." (p.113)
After Einstein's Theory of Relativity in 1915 and Watson and Crick's discovery of DNA in 1953, not only physics, but all subjects were updated, and scientific subjects such as IT, AI or STEM became dominant. But still we do not know anything about the before development and after extinguishment which is the essence of extinction and death. In the geological era that classifies 4.6 billion years, humans believe that the present is continuing from "Holocene" 11,700 years ago, but they are trying to make it "Anthropocene" from the 1950's. (Asahi Shimbun morning newspaper, June 1, 2021) What a curse?
The classifications of painting and sculpture, two-dimension and three-dimension, abstract and figurative, modeling and ideas, and physical and metaphysical, are also not exist such as spacetime? This is the first collaboration exhibition between Kiyoshi Hamada and Hikaru Yumura, but I feel their art works are very similar in this sense. Hamada and Yumura's artworks are paintings and sculpture, and two-dimension and three-dimension, as well as abstract and figurative. Yumura's artworks have a glimpse of the substance rather than the metaphysical. On the other hand, Hamada's artworks lose its substance, and for that reason, the essence of substance appears. Then, the substance of Yumura's artworks lose its shape and become metaphysical. I have previously pointed out that Hamada's recent two-dimmentional artworks are actually three-dimmentinal artworks because thay have unevenness which were created by digging and drawing that creates shadows. Since the new Hamada's painting, in which shapes were drawn with black lines on an orange background, is in the extension of previous paintings with unevenness, even if the unevenness does not appear as substance, I interpret this artwork is the same quality in metaphysical concepts. At the same time, Hamada's artworks have many layers, so the line of sight to see the three-dimensional is essential instead of the two-dimensional.
The other day, I came into contact with Yumura's artworks at his atelier in Kasumigaura for the first time in my life. Divide a huge black granite with arrow, and shift them to exhibit. That's it, but I did not feel any flow of art history such as Mono-ha or Minimal in his artworks. By dividing the stone, he creates the relationship between the density of black granite and gravity. Although most of black granite was generated in the Mesozoic era, some of it can be traced back to the Cambrian period. Yumura discloses the gravity of the black granite that has been generated over endless years. Is there more art than his works?
When I was looking at the catalogue of Yumura's artworks, I remembered Hamada's artworks that I actually saw. After actually seeing Yumura's artworks, the keyword of this critique became "Edge". I considered previously that "the work of Takeo Yamaguchi in his late years was not drawn all over with black line, but the criticism of civilization was hidden at the edge of line." ("About the Matiere of 'Ki - track' by Takeo Yamaguchi" in "Research Bulletin of Yokohama Museum of Art" No.9, 2018) It was a hint for the idea. I would like to pay attention to the edge of Hamada's line, the edge of Yumura's crack, not the inside and outside, but the itself and "events" of other things.
Tetsuya Miyata - Researcher of Intellectual History of Modern Japanese Art
Kiyoshi Hamada
Hikaru Yumura
Born in Kochi Pref.
Graduated from Tama University of Arts
Exhitibition of Japan Art Festival at the Ueno Royal Museum(Tokyo), in Wellington and Melbourne.
Awarded the Purchase Prize at Miami International Print Biennale in Florida.
Awarded the Fine Work Prize at the Contest of Japan Modern Print at Osaka Citizen Gallery.
Awarded the Cracow Museum Prize at Cracow International Print Biennale in Poland
Rubriana International Print Biennale in Yugoslavia.
Exhibition of Japan Modern Prints by 21 Artists at Cleveland Museum of Art, America.
Awarded the Bridgestone Art Prize of the "Exhibition of Modern Art" at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum and Kyoto City Museum of Art.
Exhibition of "1980 Japanese Print" at Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts.
Awarded the Prize of the Ueno Royal Museum at "Japan Art Festival '81", which was held at the Ueno Royal Museum(Tokyo) and in London.
Awarded the Excellent Prize at Grand Prize Exhibition of Print at Seibu Museum in Tokyo.
Exhibition of Prize Winner Artist of Osaka Citizen Gallery.
Awarded the Prize of the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo at the exhibition of "Japan International Art", which was held at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum and Kyoto City Museum of Art.
30th Anniversary Exhibition "Modern Japanese Art -after 1945-" at National Museum of Modern Art.
Exhibition of "Modern White and Black" at Museum of Modern Art, Saitama.
Especial exhibition of Japanese Modern Prints at Grenchen International Print Biennale, Switzerland.
Exhibition of "Line and Expression (Whereabouts of Eyes and Hands)" at Museum of Modern Art, Saitama.
Exhibition of "Realistic Art, Fantastic Art" at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, Tokyo.
20 Years Trajectory of Contemporary Art Center "Winning Works Exhibition" at Osaka Contemporary Art Center.
Exhibition of "1970's of Prints" at Shoto Museum of Art, Tokyo.
Published "Kiyoshi Hamada Collection 1973-2001" from Contemporary Art Document Center
Exhibition of "100 Artists of Latest 150 Years of Art in Kochi" at Museum of Art, Kochi.
Exhibition of "Tracks of a Certain Businessman Collection" at Shunan City Museum of Art and History(Yamaguchi), Mitaka City Gallery of Art(Tokyo) and Fukui Fine Arts Museum(Fukui).
"Black & White -Black of Black-" at Art Gallery Tokyo Opera City, Tokyo.
Exhibition "-Shift and Development with Line- 80's" at Doka Contemporary Arts, Tokyo.
"Harmony of Light and Time" Line to Point . . and Flows . . Kiyoshi Hamada X Masako Izaki at Doka Contemporary Arts, Tokyo.
Collection Exhibition "Kochi's Postwar Art and Avant-garde Tosa School Exhibition" at The Museum of Art, Kochi.
Published "Kiyoshi Hamada Collection II" from Gallery Ekouan
Hamada's Trajectory -Layered, Scraped Painting- at Nerima Art Museum.
Strata of Memory - Light and Shadow at √K Contemporary.
Born in Tottori Prefecture Japan
Graduated Tokyo National College of Fine Art, Division of Sculpture.
Studied at "Ecole des beaux-arts Paris".(-'72)
The 12th Contemporary Art Exhibition of Japan.(Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Kyoto City Museum of Art '77)
The 10th Exhibition of Contemporary Japanese Sculpture, Awarded Kobe Suma Detached Palace Garden Prize.
The 15th International Art Exhibition of Japan. (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Kyoto City Museum of Art '86)
The 4th Henry Moore Grand Prize Exhibition, Awarded the Superior Prize. (The Utsukushigahara Open-air Museum)
The 5th Yasudakasai Art Fundation Encouragement Award Exhibition, Awarded Excellent Artist Prize.
'86 Grand Sculpture Exhibition, 10th Asian Games Art Festival in Seoul.
The 10th Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition at the Suma Detached Palace Garden, Awarded Teiichi Hijikata Memorial Prize.
The 5th Henry Moore Grand Prize Exhibition, Awarded the Superior Prize.
The 12th Exhibition of Contemporary Japanese Sculpture, Awarded The Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura Prize.
Awarded the 15th Nagano Open-Air Sculpture Prize.
The 11th Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition at the Suma Detached Palace Garden, Awarded the National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto Prize.
"Imagine '89" in Los Angels.
The 13th Exhibition of Contemporary Japanese Sculpture, Awarded Ube Kosan Company Prize.
The 12th Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition at the Suma Detached Palace Garden.
Solo Exhibition at Contemporary Sculpture Center, Tokyo.
The 10th Yasuda Kasai Art Foundation Encouragement Award Exhibition, Awarded Silver Prize.
The 14th Exhibition of Contemporary Japanese Sculpture, Awarded the Narional Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo Prize, Awarded the Museum of Modern Art, Saitama Prize.
Awarded the 24th Nakahara Teijiro Excellence Prize.
Awarded the 5th Kurayoshi City Green Sculpture Prize.
The 5th Exhibition of Green Sculpture Prize.
Sculpture Exhibition at Galerie Vromans, Amesterdam, Holland.
Solo Presentation at RAI Art Fair Amsterdam with Galerie Vromans.('04,'05)
Solo Exhibition at Galerie Vromans, Amesterdam, Holland.
Chinese-Japanese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shanghai Duoloun Museum of Modern Art.
Exposition Galerie Moulin de l'eau, Bram, France.
Convergence International Art Exhibition, Lalit Kala Akademi Gallery, India.
Exhibition "Harmony of Plane and Solid - Tadaaki Okada & Hikaru Yumura" at DOKA Contemporary Arts.
in Depth of Crack - Takehiko Kikuchi & Hikaru Yumura" at DOKA Contemporary Arts.
Aspects of Modern Sculpture (The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama)
Solo Exhibition -Collage- at DOKA Contemporary Arts.
Best Selection 2014 (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum)
Absoluteness Solid (Tottori Prefectural Museum)
Invitation to Abstract Art (Hiroshige Museum in Nakagawamachi)
Sculpture by the Sea (Perth Australia)
"Harmony of Painting and Sculpture"
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