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"Harmony of Light & Time"
Line to Point . . and Flows . .
It might be called the disease of the age which soaked with a vast image. Even in the painting, a present concern became only the competition of concept and technology to work out a novel image. However, those kind of paintings just provide the ephemeral pleasures, and would be passed by devotee who has a endless desire of visual sensation. If the painting will become historical, it is necessary to search for the field where competition for image, concept or technology were transcended. To notice it for young painters and their supporters, there is nothing except to touch the works of the painters like Kiyoshi.Hamada and Masako.Izaki who are kept searching for the field.
I would like to approach to the fields like "Behind the Surface" or "Depth of the Surface" where they are searching for. Naturally, it is closely related to how their paintings consisted.
First, the work of Hamada assumes the group of the line and the stroke of similar color as the layer. And the entire screen is composed with the different colored layers like a geologic stratum. Then, the completed surface is dug up with a knife or a hook, and the colors of the lower layer and more lower layer were exposed. Therefore, these vast signs make the surface to covered with the dynamic unevenness, and the surface makes the scene of the unknown light has oozed out from behind.
In contrast, the tone of Izaki's work is faint and pale as the fog, and the paint is thin as the film that seems to be transparent. There are faint and soft tone flows like semitransparent veils soundlessly. And the piled up flows make stripes. That realise us the invisible depth of the surface. The work make our sight to round "Behind of Surface" and to read extensively "Depth of the Surface". Finally, turns reversely and sends us to the hither of screen. In that point, the elements of Izaki's works are similar to the Hamada's.
It recalls the wise saying of a painter "The painting is a container that catches everything".
The works of Hamada and izaki are telling the painting is the "Container" which opened toward infinity.
Kiyoshi Hamada
Masako Izaki
Born in Kochi Pref., 1937. Graduated from Tama University of Arts in 1961
Exhibition at Museum
"21 Japanese Artists of Modern Print"(1979/Cleveland Museum of Art)
"Japanese Print"(1980,85/Tochigi Pref. Museum of Fine Arts)
"Modern Japanese Art -after 1945-"(1982/National Museum of Modern Art)
"Modern White and Black"(1986/Museum of Modern Art, Saitama)
"Japanese Modern Prints at Grenchen International Print Biennale"(1989)
"Line and Expression (Whereabouts of Eyes and Hands)"(1991/Museum of Modern Art, Saitama)
"Realistic Art, Fantastic Art"(1993/Tokyo Metropolitan Museum)
"1970's of Prints"(1996/Shoto Museum of Art, Tokyo)
"Tracks of a Certain Businessman Collection"(2003/Mitaka City Gallery of Art, etc.)
"100 Artists of Latest 150 Years of Art in Kochi"(2003/Museum of Art, Kochi)
"With Art"(2006/Fuchu Art Museum)
"Black & White -Black of Black-"(2006/Art Gallery Tokyo Opera City)
and more exhibitions at museums and galleries . . .
Miami International Print Biennale(1977)
Cracow International Print Biennale(1978)
Exhibition of Modern Art(1979,1981)
Exhibition of Print at Seibu Museum(1981)
Japan Art Festival'81(1981)
and more . . .
Works of Kiyoshi.Hamada '02(1973-2001)
National Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, National Museum in Cracow in Poland, Tochigi Pref. Museum of Fine Arts, Bridgestone Museum of Art, Ueno Royal Museum, Osaka Contemporary Art Center, Museum of Art, Kochi
Born in Tokyo.
Guraduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design.
Completed B seminar school
Exhibition/Aoyama Galley in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.
"Warehouse of Drawing III"/Hillside Gallery in Daikanyama, Tokyo.
"Prospect of Art, Part2"/Gallery Furukawa in Ginza, Tokyo.
Exhibition/Kaneko Art Gallery in Kyobashi, Tokyo.
Exhibition/Lunami Gallery in Ginza, Tokyo.
Exhibition/Kaneko Art Gallery in Kyobashi, Tokyo.
Exhibition/Gallery NW House in Waseda, Tokyo.
Exhibition/Gallery 21+You in Ginza, Tokyo.
Exhibition/Kaneko Art Gallery in Kyobashi, Tokyo.
"Atopic Site on Camp / Off Base"/Tokyo Big Site in Ariake, Tokyo.
Exhibition/Window Gallery in Kanda, Tokyo.
"VOCA'97"/Ueno Royal Museum in Ueno, Tokyo.
Exhibition/Bosch Center in Kanagawa Pref..
"Liberated View II"/Lunami Gallery in Ginza, Tokyo.
"Eyes on Creation Vol.16"/Gallery 21+You in Ginza, Tokyo.
"Art in the Workplace"/Steelcase Showroom in Hiroo, Tokyo.
Exhibition/Kaneko Art Gallery 2 in Kyobashi, Tokyo.
"Live, Art, With"/Projected by Gallery Lunami Art Resourse.
Exhibition/Kaneko Art Gallery 2 in Kyobashi, Tokyo.
Exhibition/Land Gallery in Nerima, Tokyo.
Exhibition/Kaneko Art Gallery 2 in Kyobashi, Tokyo.
Exhibition/Kaneko Art Gallery 2 in Kyobashi, Tokyo.
"KOREA/JAPAN MODERN ART FESTIVAL 2003"/ Suwon Art Museum, Korea.
"VOCA'03"/Ueno Royal Museum in Ueno, Tokyo.
Exhibition/Kaneko Art Gallery 2 in Kyobashi, Tokyo.
Exhibition/Kaneko Art Gallery in Kyobashi, Tokyo.
Exhibition/Kaneko Art Gallery in Kyobashi, Tokyo.
"Harmony of Light & Time"
Line to Point . . and Flows . .
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